Thursday, November 5, 2009

Skeinforge information

Here are links and information about skeinforge. Any questions, suggestions or comments about skeinforge should be posted at this blog.

If you write a complete bug report or you have contributed to skeinforge or demozendium and have a question, you may email me at:
perez_enrique at

Comments and suggestions are welcome, however, I won't reply unless you are a contributor. Some ways of contributing to skeinforge are in the contributions thread at:,27562

The skeinforge wiki manual, which you are welcome to contribute to, is at:
Demozendium - Skeinforge

The stable cached skeinforge is the latest file at:

the unstable skeinforge is on my website at:

Assuming you have python, which can be downloaded from:

to run skeinforge; in a terminal in the same folder as, type:

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