Sunday, December 6, 2009

Separate manual pages

It is useful to have separate pages on the wiki for each tool so that the menu on the tool can have a link to a wiki page, as well as a link to the local documentation. The model is chamber, which has been moved from the contents page to its own page at:

It is called Skeinforge_Chamber rather than just Chamber to avoid possible future name collisions with the rest of the wiki. It has a Previous, Next & Contents group on the top and bottom of the page to aid navigation through the skeinforge manual. The previous link points to the previous tool in the manual, which for chamber is currently carve, the next link points to the next tool, clip. The contents link point to the skeinforge contents page.

On the contents page, there is a link to chamber. To display the link as 'Chamber' while going to 'Skeinforge_Chamber', the wiki link is:
==== [[Skeinforge_Chamber|Chamber]] ====

Otherwise, the chamber page follows the format of the contents page, with a heading for each setting.

When adding new tool pages, please add it as a separate page using the chamber page as a model. For people who want to help develop the manual, please move existing pages to their own separate page, using the chamber model. Before each release, I will update the tools which have a separate manual page to add a manual page link to their help menus.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Skeinforge update, chamber tool

The Chamber tool has been added, to send temperature settings to a heated bed or chamber. The 'Temperature of Bed' preference sets the temperature of the bed by sending an M140 command, the default is 60.0. The 'Temperature of Chamber' preference sets the temperature of the chamber by sending an M141 command, the default is 30.0.

Kulitorum has made a heated bed. It is a 5mm Alu sheet with a pattern laid out in kapton tape. The wire is a 0.6mm2 Konstantin wire and it's held in place by small pieces of kapton tape. The description and picture is at:

In my opinion, it is a brilliant design. The best thing about it is that the components it uses, kapton tape and heater wire, are already on the reprap parts list, so reprappers might already have them and if they don't they'll able to order some easily. I don't know if the tape and heater wire can be added to existing acrylic or MDF beds, but hopefully someone will try it out.

The 'Infill Perimeter Overlap' setting in inset has been moved to fill. The 'Extrusion Width over Thickness' setting in inset has been moved to fill and renamed 'Infill Width over Thickness'. So you'll have to reenter those settings in fill when switching to this version, if you have changed them from the defaults.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Skeinforge information

Here are links and information about skeinforge. Any questions, suggestions or comments about skeinforge should be posted at this blog.

If you write a complete bug report or you have contributed to skeinforge or demozendium and have a question, you may email me at:
perez_enrique at

Comments and suggestions are welcome, however, I won't reply unless you are a contributor. Some ways of contributing to skeinforge are in the contributions thread at:,27562

The skeinforge wiki manual, which you are welcome to contribute to, is at:
Demozendium - Skeinforge

The stable cached skeinforge is the latest file at:

the unstable skeinforge is on my website at:

Assuming you have python, which can be downloaded from:

to run skeinforge; in a terminal in the same folder as, type: