Sunday, October 24, 2010

Limit and bottom

The stable cached skeinforge is the latest file at:

the unstable skeinforge is on my website at:

the infrequently updated subversion version is at:

Thanks to Erik de Bruijn, who is one of the people working on the ultimaker at:

many of the skeinforge tools now have layer progress indication.

Maximum Z Feed Rate has been moved from speed to limit, so set the Maximum Z Feed Rate in limit to whatever it was in speed.

Bottom Altitude has been moved from raft to bottom and in bottom it is now called altitude with a default of zero. So if you have Bottom Altitude set to something other than its default of zero, set the Altitude in bottom to whatever Bottom Altitude was in raft.

Skeinview has been renamed skeinlayer and behold has been renamed skeiniso. Any settings in skeinview and behold should be transferred automatically.

Initial Circling has been moved from temperature to raft.

Skeinforge can now read inskcape svg directly, so when using skeinforge to plot svg files:

you can now skip the Blender conversion step.

The grid circle infill pattern has been added to fill. Because the circles are separated, the pattern is weak, it only provides support for the top layer threads and some strength in the z direction. The flip side is that this infill does not warp the object, the object will get warped only by the walls. Because this pattern turns the extruder on and off often, it is best to get a stepper motor extruder if you don't already have one.

The problem where alterations, like start.gcode, were sometimes being changed by the tool chain is mostly fixed, so you no longer to need to send some of them through with a replace prefix. If you're not using a replace prefix or haven't heard of one before, ignore this paragraph.